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Assembly JUNE 2014

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Our last assembly of the year 2013-14 was held on 8th June. It was a farewell to year 6 children.

First of all some children were awarded certificates for something that they had done well.

This time there was an unexpected award. Miss Joanna was awarded a certificate for passing her exams and gaining her diploma! All that studying while working paid off.

The Year 6 children then took the stage, telling us about some of their memories of their lives at the school.

Sports Day -April ,2014

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Our annual Sports Day was delayed a little this year, but as soon as we came back from our holiday we found an opportunity to hold it. All the school was divided into house teams and then divided again into two.

Year1- Picnics Wow

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Year 1 loves food! The sun was shining, and for weeks we have been trying very hard in our maths, reading and science activities. We all decided to go out and eat our lunch outside on the grass. It was fantastic!
Pancake Day was also celebrated. We learnt the recipe and made lots of pancakes. We then put chocolate spread, strawberries, pancake syrup, sprinkles and 3, 2, 1… the pancakes were all gone! All gone way before the camera was out to take pictures of the event!
In March, we also celebrated Zinedine’s birthday. We all sang the song and ate plenty of cake.


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Last term we learnt everything about 2-D shapes; their names, their corners and their sides! To make learning fun, we even had a shapes-hunt outside in the playground. Year One was divided into two teams and the aim of the game was to find all 2-D shapes, and allocate them in the right boxes. The children needed to read the labels on the boxes in order to place the shapes correctly. The team with the largest number of shapes in the right box was the winner! Year One loved this activity and so, since then we have played this game often making it more challenging as time progresses.

5th May 2014 Assembly

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On 8th May the assembly was ‘taken over’ by the Music Department. We were treated to a variety of performances: song and dance and music performed with accordions, recorders and xylophones. It was all fantastic!
The Nursery started off the show with a song about a caterpillar. Girls from Year 6 played their accordions and then Reception followed with a ‘Jack-in –the-box’. Next came ‘Frere Jacque’ played on recorders and then a tune on xylophones.
Following all of these things was a play about the King’s birthday. Musicians and dancers performed in celebration of the King’s birthday. They came from all over the world: Spain, Egypt, a Russian ballerina, India and finally a rapper from the West.

What a Knight rehearsals

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What a Knight rehearsals

Book week or Reading week

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Book Week, or Reading Week, began on Sunday, 2nd March, which is the anniversary of the birth of Dr. Seuss. What better way to start off the week than with a ‘Hat Day’ to celebrate the birthday of the author of possibly his most famous book: ‘The Cat In The Hat’! There were all sorts of hats! It was fun to see and some of the hats were even hand- made.

The very hungry caterpillar2013-11-23 001

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In Reception Class we read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ Did you know that, like the ducks and swans that we learnt about in ‘The Ugly Duckling’ caterpillars also start their lives as eggs? They later become beautiful butterflies. This book has helped us to learn about the days of the week and healthy eating as well as building on our knowledge of how things grow and sometimes change.
We have been busy doing many different things with this book. We started by painting plates to make a caterpillar. It became very long! Next we coloured all the things the caterpillar ate; both the good and the not so good things. Later we made a cocoon by cutting strips of paper and sticking them to a piece of card. It has all gone onto our display board. We also made our own beautiful butterflies by painting on card and then folding the card over. That was fun!
We had a piece of paper with all the things the caterpillar had eaten. We then had to colour the things, cut them up and put them in the order that the caterpillar had eaten.
One day we brought fruit to school to make a delicious, healthy fruit salad. We had so much fruit we ate fruit salad for two days! Why don’t you make one of your own at home? You can put in anything you like.
We also made books; in one we had to draw the things that the caterpillar ate each day and in the other we had to count the fruit and write the number in letters. We had to read which colour to colour the fruit and then find the number word. It was hard work!
We learnt so many things that we thought it would be a good idea to share our knowledge and so we told the story to the whole school in an assembly. We hope you liked it!

Assembly 2013-2014

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Are you board? watch your kids activity in the school .

Winter Concert

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Our Winter Concert took place on Tuesday, 10 December. It was a variety show with songs, dances and plays. All the children were amazing!

Activities - photos Infant easy peasy cooking

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7th October - dips , 20th Oct - cheesecake , 27th Oct - spooky spiders , 3rd Nov - Greek salad , 10th Nov - cake and fruit

Activities -Juniour easy peasy cooking

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9th Oct - cheesestraws and dips ;
30th Oct - spooky spiders and halloween bananas;
6th Nov - cheesecake ;
13th Nov - pizza and Greek salad ;

Year 1-updated

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watch more photos of your child in year 1

U.N. DAY - Pictures with Details

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Brazil ,
Italy ,
France ,
Australia ,
South Africa ,
China ,
Libya ,
Denmark .

U.N. DAY - Pictures

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View and discover with our students .


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As you can see, the first weeks of school have been busy. We’ve had tea parties, built bridges, coloured pictures, dressed up and done some gymnastics too. Of course sometimes this can make us tired so we can also take a little nap when we feel the need! We do not forget our reading and writing either! We also eat healthy food to build up our energy and keep us alert and ready for work.
Who knows what will happen during the rest of the year? Watch this space