2017-18 Gallery

See the photographs of all the activities which take place in the school during the year.

Year 6 Farewell

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The last day of term for all the school is also the last day of Primary School for the class of Year 6. They said their goodbyes to the school, teachers and friends and told us a little about the memories they will take with them. Good luck to them all!

The Final Week!

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The end of term always brings some extra activities and this year was no exception. We had House Quizzes; one for the Juniors and the next for the Infants. All points were added on to their House points so that on Thursday morning there was a short assembly to find out who had won the cup. It was RED Team!! Congratulations to all children but in particular to the red team. Later in the day we held the Science Fair. Preparations had been taking place all week and it was fun to see the results. The children had thought of a variety of things to show; living and non-living things, states of matter, how an island is formed, air resistance, how to keep your teeth healthy, an electronic game and many more. After we had all visited each others displays, parents arrived to have a look too. They were fascinated by the things that the children told and showed them. Well done everyone.

Assembly 31st May

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This assembly was hosted by the youngest members of the school: Nursery and Reception. They told us all about what it means to be kind and how we can do it. Then they all sang a song. Then certificates were given to those children who have been doing great things. We had a special guest to our assembly this week: Ms Huda Querey. She came from the cancer ward in the children's hospital to accept the money raised by all the children in the Bake Sales and ice cream days. The children of Year 6, with help from Year 5, have organised a number of these days and were proud to hand over a total of 1,300 LD to Ms Querey. She was very pleased to receive the money and will put it to good use. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Ice cream day and assembly 24th May

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The day started off well with ice creams being sold during the first break. We continued the good feeling with more at the third break!
Assembly was hosted by Years 1 and 2. They gave some great advice to the Juniors for the exam week. Sleep well, eat well and try not to stress too much were just some of the things they told us. Then they sang a lovely song. After them the certificates were awarded. At the end of the assembly, we were told that the bake sales and ice cream sales have made over 1,000 dinars! This money will be given to the children's cancer ward to be used by those who have a great need of it. Well done to all. Many thanks to all those who contributed with their baking and of course to all of the children for buying the cakes and ice creams.

Week of 29th April - 3rd May

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This was a busy week, even with a day off in the middle of it! A football tournament was arranged and the children made House teams and played against each other. It was fun. We also had another ice cream day! The amount made was added to the previous amount and we hope to make some more money before the end of the year, and hand it over to the people who are in need. Of course, in assembly, we always have certificate winners.

Assembly 26th April

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Year 5 hosted the assembly with poetry readings. The children had chosen a poem, either individually or with a partner, and performed it. Certificate winners are always a pleasure to see. This week there were more, as Miss Nafeesah had certificates for certain members of the cast of the play. Well done to everyone!

Assembly 19th April

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This assembly was a busy one. First of all, some Year 4 pupils sang us a song, in Arabic, about getting ready for school. The Year 2 pupils then told us, again in Arabic, about water and its importance to us. It was most entertaining! The next part of our assembly had been excitedly anticipated all week: the results of our Sports Day races. We had medals to award to all the winners of individual and relay races and the points had been added up to find out which House Team had won. It was YELLOW! Congratulations to them for winning the most points, but also to everyone who took part. Last, but not least, we had certificates to give. Our pupils continue to do some amazing things, both academically and socially. Well done to all.


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The children have been rehearsing our play for months. ZOOM! is our school production this year. It's a story based on the fable of 'The Hare and The Tortoise'. Children and staff have been working hard to be ready to perform in front of family and friends. We hope you enjoy the photos and the play.

Sports Day 12th April

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Sports Day is a day that everyone enjoys and today was no exception. We first gathered in our house teams and played many different games. Then we had a break and a special treat - ice-cream! Don't forget that the money earned from the sales will go to the children's hospital. We then had individual races plus a relay race. Another short break was followed by team games; one using our big feet and the other trying to get as much water as possible into a bucket using a sponge. This was a game that all the children enjoyed and the water kept them cool at the end of a hot, busy day.

Assembly 22nd March

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We always knew that there were some talented children in our school, but this final assembly of the term showed us all exactly what many of them can do. We saw dancers, heard poems recited, watched card tricks and saw a hoola-hoop performance. We also had certificate winners.
The end of term is always exciting as we learn which house team gained the most merit points. This term it was....... the RED team! Congratulations to all.

Assembly 15th March

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The Arabic department took over the assembly this week. They showed us how they learn in their lessons and recited some Arabic to us all. Of course we had a number of certificate winners.

Assembly 8th March

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The youngest members of our school took to the stage today to tell us all about what they have learnt about shapes -- 2-D and 3-D shapes. They also sang a song about shapes. It was entertaining and informative. Of course we also had some proud certificate winners. Great job everyone!

Book Week 25th February - 1st March

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Book Week is always enjoyable with many activities to encourage our love of books. This week we have 'Buddy Reading' where the Juniors read to the Infants, Quizzes, D(rop) E(verything) A(nd) R(ead) sessions, a 'Where's Wally?' hunt, 'Fishing for a Story' and a small video showing a story by one of our favourite authors: Dr. Seuss! We all love these times when we can get together as a school and do things. The children enjoy being with each other, no matter the age. We all look forward to next year, when we get to do it all again!

Assembly 22nd February

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This week we were entertained by Year 2. They acted in a play about fishes under the sea and explained how we should all be happy with what we have because the other side is not always what we think it is. We had some new certificate winners too.

Assembly 15th February

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Year 4 hosted this week's assembly with the theme of 'Friendship'. they asked what makes a good friend and then took part in a quiz to see how well they really know their friends. As always our certificate winners have smiles on their faces! We were also told that the Bake Sale had collected 402.25 LD bringing us to a grand total of 770 LD! We will be arranging more events in order to raise more money. Well done everyone and thanks to all for helping.

Bake Sale 11th February 2018

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The children of Year 6, with the help of Year 5, organised a bake sale. We had cakes and pizzas and all sorts of lovely things to eat, all kindly donated by the parents of our children. The proceeds of this sale will, of course, go to a good cause. Watch this space to find out where and how much we will be giving.

Assembly 8th February 2018

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Year 3 reminded us that the previous week had been National Storytelling Week and asked us what makes a good story teller. They then told us a story that they had made up. There are some very good story tellers in this class! As always we had certificate winners, who have earned their certificate not just by being academically good, but also doing good things around the school and in class. Well done everyone. Keep up the good work!

Assembly 1st February 2018

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Year 6 hosted the assembly with a 'Readers Theatre' play. We have all heard the story of Sleeping Beauty, but do you know about Sleeping Ugly? This is a story about being beautiful both outside and in. We had lots of certificate winners, which proves that we are getting the message!

Assembly 25th January 2018

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Year 5 have been learning about myths and legends and performed 3 small plays showing this.
It is always a pleasure to see and hear about the numerous things that the children do to earn a certificate. Well done everyone.

Assembly 18th January 2018

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This week our assembly was hosted by Years 4 and 5. They all performed in Arabic; Year 5 sang a song and Year 4 told us about the importance of brushing our teeth and keeping them clean and healthy. The smiles on the faces of the certificate winners show that most of the children already know!

Assembly 11th January 2018

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Our first assembly of the new term and 2018 was hosted by Years 3 and 4, who sang a song about making the world a better place. Where does it all begin? It begins with YOU! There were some children who had impressed their teachers from the first week and so won a certificate. Well done. Keep it up!

Winter concert

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Our end of term concert was all about December around the world. All the children performed. The Nursery and Reception classes sang a song about snowflakes falling; Year 1 sang about their 'winter wiggles'; Year 2 sang about how much they love the snow; Years 3 and 4 told us about how people celebrate in Japan and then sang a song. Year 5 surprised everyone by singing a summer song. Why? Because they wanted to tell us about what people do in Australia, and in December, Australians have summer! Year 6 told us about some of the Winter activities in Canada, including a snowball fight! Years 4 and 5 sang in Arabic about the winter weather. Both the performers and audience enjoyed it all.

House Quizzes

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Our Junior House Quiz took place on 12th December, followed the next day by the Infants. They all did very well!

Assembly 7th December 2017

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The Nursery and Reception classes hosted the assembly this week with a performance. Year 5 sang in Arabic and the stage was filled with certificate winners!

Assembly 23rd November 2017

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The Infants have been learning about the 5 senses and Year 2 showed us by performing a short play, while Year 1 sang a song. It was very entertaining and informative. Of course, at the end of our assemblies there are some children who receive certificates for things they have done during the week. Congratulations to all!

Assembly 16th November 2017

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The youngest members of our school entertained us in assembly this week. The sang about the clothes they wear in cold and rainy weather. Certificates were awarded to more children. Well done, everyone.

Assembly 9th November 2017

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Assembly this week was hosted by Year 6, who told us many ways in which they could drive their teachers crazy, but also some ways in which the teachers could drive their students crazy too. It was very amusing! Year 5 also told us, in Arabic, of the importance of family. As always, there were certificate winners.

Assembly 2nd November 2017

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Year 4 performed a play showing us what they had learned in History, Year 2 sang a song in Arabic and, of course, we had a number of certificate winners.

UN assembly 26th October 2017

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UN Day is always cause for celebration in our school. This year we focused on helpers. The younger members of the school told us about people who help us in our daily lives and the older members told us about some people who have done things which improved their lives and the lives of many others and continue to have an effect on us today.

Assembly 19th October 2017

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Year 5 hosted this week's assembly.They performed a play from their books about a group of people in a space ship, on their way to a new planet. Their ancestors had left the Earth because it was impossible to live here due to pollution. The play gave us the message that we must all look after our planet and the environment if we want to keep it and ourselves healthy.
Certificate winners always have something to smile about!

Assembly 12th October 2017

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Year 4 sang a song for us all at this week's assembly. Certificates were given to children for various reasons and then Years 3 and 4 were awarded their own certificate for lining up quickly and quietly when the bell rings. They have set an example for us all to follow.

Assembly 5th October 2017

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Our assembly was hosted by Year 6, who told us some traditional tales. Year 4 sang a song in Arabic and some Year 6 children recited some Arabic. The children are truly bi-lingual. Of course there were certificates for many children.

The first week of school

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We are back again and ready for another year!
During our first week, we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. He was born on 13th September 1916. He is a very popular author, who has written many classic children's books such as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' and 'Matilda'. He also wrote 'James and the Giant Peach' and in celebration of that book we all had some peach on Roald Dahl's birthday.
Of course at the end of the week we had an assembly and the Years 3, 4 and 5 hosted it. They told us a little about the author and then read the classic story of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Year 4 children then read the humorous poem about Red Riding Hood, which Roald Dahl had written.
Even at the beginning of term there are children who have been doing good things and deserve a certificate. Well done. What a great start to the year!