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Look at all the things we do during the year.

Nursery Science Project

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The weather was beautiful and the Nursery children had fun outside doing their Science project. They have been growing seeds. They used cotton wool instead of soil, as it is cleaner and the seeds can be seen as they grow.

13th February

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Nursery was on stage this week, singing to us. They did very well. We had a number of certificate winners again. They are doing wonderful things both in and out of the classroom. Keep up the good work!

6th February

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Year 3 have been learning about the Ancient Egyptians and told us some of the things they had learnt. They also treated us to an Egyptian fashion show, and a song and dance. What a great performance! We had lots of certificate winners this week. Well done everyone!

30th January

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Year 5 entertained us with a song this week. It reminded us that we are all strong and are capable of facing difficulties. There were not many certificates awarded this week but never mind. Congratulations to the winners.


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The Nursery children spent some time playing with bricks. They found out how long they could make something, and how tall, as well as building other things. Look at all the things they made! They had great fun and were learning at the same time; the best way!

16th January - Back with a bang!

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Our Bake Sales are always popular, and knowing that the profits are going to a good cause helps us all spend our money willingly. The first sale of the term was successful and made 287 LD. This will be added to the rest of the money, and we are thinking about different ways to raise money. The Year 6 students have been learning about writing plays and three of them were performed in the assembly. They were the well-known tales of 'Little Red Riding Hood', 'Goldilocks', and 'The Gingerbread Man'. The actors had fun performing and the audience had fun watching. There will be more so watch this space! Of course certificates were awarded for the great things that our children are doing. Well done everyone.

End of Term Winter Concert

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As always at the end of the first term, we hold a Winter Concert in which all the children participate. This year there were songs about snow, Christmas, reindeer and other things. Many parents watched and enjoyed the performances. At the end of the concert the final merit count was announced and the winners this term are............. the YELLOW TEAM!! Congratulations to everybody. It was a very close race.

House Quizzes

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At the end of every term we have a House Quiz, where the pupils show us some of the things they have learnt and earn points for their house. It can be very difficult answering questions in front of so many people but the children do their best. Congratulations to all participants.

5th December

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The youngest members of the school entertained us this week. They always do so well. We had an addition of 2 girls from Year 3, who showed us their talent in gymnastics. There were more certificate winners. Well done everyone!

28th November

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Year 2 hosted the assembly this week and sang to us about 'Respect'. We should respect everyone we meet, old and young. As always there were some certificate winners.

14th November

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Year 6 hosted our assembly this week and showed off some of their talents. They were very entertaining! As always, we had certificate winners.

7th November

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The Arabic department took over the assembly this week and entertained us in a variety of ways. There were songs and speeches. Well done everyone. Of course there were some more certificate winners. Keep up the good work!

3rd November

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We held a brief assembly to award the winners of the Speech Competition. Congratulations to all the participants.

UN Assembly 31st October

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Although our UN assembly was postponed for a week, it was still an entertaining and informational event. Many of the parents came to watch and we all greatly appreciate their support. Each class told us in some way about the country they had been researching. There were songs and dances and talks. It really was like a journey around the world.

UN Week

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During UN Week there were a number of activities. We started the week with a Food Sale. Each class had chosen a country and made or brought food, representing that country. We had pizza from Italy, koeksisters from South Africa, apple pie from Great Britain and many other things. We thank everyone who made or bought all the food. All the proceeds are going to charity and we made over 700 LD. It was a great way to start the week. the next day, we 'Travelled Around The World'. Each child had a passport and visited each class to visit a country and take part in an activity. They visited India, the UAE, the Philippines, Palestine, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil and South Africa. What a journey! We are all concerned with the environment and this year, Years One to Six looked into the problems that our chosen country faces. All the children wrote a speech about these problems and the three best were chosen. Mr Walid and Miss Liz, from BES, were invited to listen to the speeches and judge them. We thank them for taking the time to join us. Our UN assembly will take place next week.

10th October: ice cream and assembly

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We had our first ice-cream day today. Unfortunately it was also the first day of rain, but that didn't stop us! Ice cream tastes good no matter what the weather. We made 188 LD and that will be kept and added to throughout the year, to be given to someone in need at the end of the school year.
Assembly was hosted by Year 3, who told us about eating healthy and unhealthy food. The healthy food won the 'fight' although they did say that sometimes we can treat ourselves to unhealthy food. Every week there are certificate winners and this week was no exception. Well done everyone!

Assembly 3rd October

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The Reception class hosted the assembly this week. They sang us a number of songs to entertain us. Our certificate winners all have been doing great things in the class. Keep up the good work everyone!

Assembly 26th September

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Year 1 took over the assembly this week with a song to wake us all up! Certificate winners were happy to be standing on the stage. We look forward to seeing many more in the weeks and months to come.

Assembly 19th September

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Year 5 started off our assemblies with a song about the beginning of the year and all the things we need to be ready for it. There were just 2 certificates awarded to welcome some new children to the school.

First day back!

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Our first day was delayed a little but we opened on 15th September. Many parents stayed to meet the teachers and see their children start the new year. Welcome everyone.