The very hungry caterpillar2013-11-23 001


In Reception Class we read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar.’ Did you know that, like the ducks and swans that we learnt about in ‘The Ugly Duckling’ caterpillars also start their lives as eggs? They later become beautiful butterflies. This book has helped us to learn about the days of the week and healthy eating as well as building on our knowledge of how things grow and sometimes change.
We have been busy doing many different things with this book. We started by painting plates to make a caterpillar. It became very long! Next we coloured all the things the caterpillar ate; both the good and the not so good things. Later we made a cocoon by cutting strips of paper and sticking them to a piece of card. It has all gone onto our display board. We also made our own beautiful butterflies by painting on card and then folding the card over. That was fun!
We had a piece of paper with all the things the caterpillar had eaten. We then had to colour the things, cut them up and put them in the order that the caterpillar had eaten.
One day we brought fruit to school to make a delicious, healthy fruit salad. We had so much fruit we ate fruit salad for two days! Why don’t you make one of your own at home? You can put in anything you like.
We also made books; in one we had to draw the things that the caterpillar ate each day and in the other we had to count the fruit and write the number in letters. We had to read which colour to colour the fruit and then find the number word. It was hard work!
We learnt so many things that we thought it would be a good idea to share our knowledge and so we told the story to the whole school in an assembly. We hope you liked it!