2014-2015 Gallery

You can see some of the things we do throughout the school year.

World Book Day 5th March

Thumbnail: World Book Day 5th March
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We had a small celebration for World Book Day and all gathered in the hall to read our books together. Books are always good company but are even better when shared!

Our first assembly 25th September

Thumbnail: Our first assembly 25th September
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Our first assembly was hosted by Year 6. Not only did they have backing music, they also performed! They set a high standard for this year! There were also helpers behind the scenes.

Painting our eggs

Thumbnail: Painting our eggs
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We have decorated our eggs and they turned out beautifully! Some of us also made baskets to carry them in. Look how proud we all are. It was another fun activity.

Can you tie your shoe-lace?

Thumbnail: Can you tie your shoe-lace?
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It is surprising how many children cannot tie laces. Many shoes now have velcro and it seems almost unnecessary but it is a useful skill and so we all got together and practised. Another fun activity but one that is good to learn!

Year 5

Thumbnail: Year 5
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Year 5 have been learning about the Great Plague and the Fire of London which followed. In their Art lesson they made houses in the style of the time and did some painting to make a fire. What do you think of the result?

Year 6: Greek urns

Thumbnail: Year 6: Greek urns
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Year 6 have learnt about Ancient Greece and the impact the Greek society has had on modern day. They even learnt a little of the Greek language! In Art they painted small urns and showed off the results. They look great, don't you think?

Science Day

Thumbnail: Science Day
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While Science Day was smaller than usual, we still had a lot of fun. There were exploding volcanoes, strange coloured flowers, catapults, a robot and many more things. The children really showed that science is fun!

Graduation Day!

Thumbnail: Graduation Day!
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How did we get here? Where did the time go? The last day of the year arrived and, although we had all been looking forward to it and preparing for it, it still came as a surprise. Our ceremony was small but enjoyable. Year 6 told us all about their memories of their time at school and some of their plans for the future. We all wish them the very best of luck in the future, no matter where they go and what they do.

Ice cream Day!!

Thumbnail: Ice cream Day!!
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We were all treated to an ice cream. Just look at the smiles!