Our Dedicated Team of Teaching Professionals

At the British School Benghazi we are proud to boast a well qualified and experienced staff and have a comprehensive knowledge of the British curriculum. We have a combined wealth of experience in international schools creating a well balanced and effective team of educators.

Teachers from Nursery to Year 2 are supported by classroom assistants who work alongside the teaching staff to ensure a generous adult/student ratio.

School Staff for 2021-2022

Head Teacher / Year 6: Ms Valerie Turner

 Year 5: Ms Juliana Scheepers

Year 4: Mr Mike Preston

Year 3: Mr Jamie Dsouza

 Year 2: Ms Gwyneth Parry

 Year 1: Ms Tania Henry

Reception: Ms Judy Dias

Nursery: Ms Halema Kambiraki


Arabic: Ms Rowan AlDarnawi

Physical Education: Mr Raouf AlMadani
ICT: Mr Mohamed Abd-AlMajid

French: Ms Amna ElSaadi     
School Secretary/Administration: Ms Laila O’Meash

School Support Staff: Mr Salah, Mr Ahmed, Mr Murray