Our Curriculum aims are:

To Develop

  • The whole child – intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. 
  • The basic skills of literacy, communication and numeracy.
  • Creative and physical skills.
  • Confidence, self-discipline and high self-esteem.
  • An enjoyment of learning.
  • Knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding.
  • Motivation based on natural curiosity.


To Provide

  • An environment that is stimulating, caring and supportive, where children feel valued and respected.
  • A well structured, balanced curriculum that will enable each child to develop his/her full potential according to individual needs.
  • Equal opportunity and equal access to the curriculum irrespective of gender, cultural background or creed.


To Promote

  • Academic excellence.
  • Emotional well-being.
  • Partnership between parents and teachers in order to achieve the best for each child.
  • Positive relationships within a multinational environment.


Early Years 

Our Early Years section includes our 3 and 4 year olds in respective Nursery and Reception classes. Their programme of work is based on the Early Years guidelines from the National Curriculum of England and Wales.This  stage is an integral part of the School and provides an excellent base from which the children progress into a more formal learning environment as they enter the Primary School. 

Based on sound early-childhood principles, our programme recognizes that each child is unique in their interests and abilities. During this time of rapid growth and development, each child will benefit from an experienced based learning environment that allows him/her to fulfill their curiosity through meaningful play and work in the classroom and on the playground. 

There is a significant amount of creative activities including, art, craft, song and dance incorporated into the curriculum. 

  Nursery and Reception classes benefit from  having both a class teacher and a teacher assistant  ensuring that  each child has the opportunity to grow and learn at their own pace with effective support and guidance.                                                       




The National Curriculum forms the framework of our educational programme through to the end of Key Stage 2, complete with all the necessary literature and teaching aids that are imported from the United Kingdom. The Edexcel Progression tests are set for students from Year 3 to Year 6.

The subjects are:

Core Subjects  (Y1-6)Foundation Subjects  (Y1-6)Additional Languages
EnglishGeographyArabic (Y1 - 6)
MathematicsHistoryFrench (Y3 - 6)
ScienceInformation Technology 
 Art, Craft, Design and Technology 
 Music / Drama 
 Physical Education