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Farewell Year Six

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Year 6 reached the end of their time at the British School of Benghazi. To celebrate this and to hear about some of their memories, we held a special gathering. Parents, friends and family watched as each one told us about their time at the school and some of their wishes for the future. Years 3, 4 and 5 sang a special song for them too. Good luck to all the children!

Science Day

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This day is always an interesting, exciting day with the children showing some of the things they have learnt during the year and much more. This year we were shown about the digestive system, how to get pure water form dirty, how sound is produced, dancing spaghetti, different materials and many more. The children enjoyed preparing for the day and showing their knowledge and experiments. We all, (children, staff and parents) enjoyed looking at the various stands and listening to the explanations given by the children. It was a fun time.

House Quizzes

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House quizzes are always fun, although for those taking part they can be a little stressful. We all understand that. even if we know thw answer in the classroom, up on the stage in front of the whole school, it is another matter. As always our teams did the best they could. Congratultions to everyone who took part.

Assembly on 9th June

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The Nursery and Reception class delighted us with the nursery rhyme 'London Bridge is Falling Down'. They also entertained us with a second song. Of course we had lots of certificate winners. Well done, everyone!

Assembly on 12th May

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Year 4 hosted the assembly this week. First they performed a short play. They then sang a song about the 5 senses. One young member of the audience showed particular appreciation. Year 3 also took part by reading reports. As always we had our certificate winners. Congratulations to everyone!

Assembly on 5th May

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The assembly on this day was hosted by Year 6, who performed a Reader's Theatre. The play had been written by Hala! It was very interesting. Of course we had more certificate winners too.

Assembly on 28th April

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Year 3 entertained us again in this assembly. We also had a lot of certificate winners. Well done!

Assembly on 24th April

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Sports Day was great fun, but we wanted to find out who the fastest runners were and also which team won the most points. We had a special assembly on Sunday, 24th April to award the best runners with gold, silver and bronze medals. We then gave ceertificates to children who had done some good things during the week and then we wanted to find out how many points each team had won. Who was the winning team? ...... It was YELLOW! Congratulations to all in yellow team.

Sports Day

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Sports Day is always fun and this year was no exception. We started off the day with a parade showing the flags of the countries we were representing: Greece, Algeria, Australia, China, Spain, U.S.A. and this year's host, Brazil. We then split up into our house teams and we were ready for the games! What fun! Everyone tried everything.
We then had need of refreshments and so we had a short break in our classrooms to have a snack. Then it was back outside to the playground to run the races. We have some very fast runners! It doesn't really matter though if you can run fast or not. What counts is that you join in the fun. It was a great day. Watch this space to find out which house won the most points.

Assembly on 24th March

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We all love our motheres and Year 2 showed us how much by reading their thoughts about their own. This was followed by Year 4 performing a play of their own. It seems that we have some budding authors in the school! Of course we always have certificate winners. Well done to everyone.

Assembly on 10th March

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Our hosts for the assembly on 10th March were the Year 1 children. They had read the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and performed it in a puppet show. It was lovely to hear about all the things the caterpillar ate to grow and eventually become a beautiful butterfly.
It was 'Teacher's Day' and so Jana, from Year 2 read about the things that teachers do and expect from their classes.
After that some children from Years 5 and 6 recited poems in Arabic.
Of course we had certificates to award to children who have been doing something special. Congratulations to everybody!

Book - Reading Week

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Reading Week was a week filled with activities. We had 'Pyjama Day' to celbrate the fact that curling up in your pyjamas with a good book is one of the most relaxing things you can do. During pyjama day we had a D.E.A.R. session. We Dropped Everything And Read. We had House Quizzes for both the juniors and the infants, who did very well. It is nerve racking being on the stage and trying to answer questions in front of the whole school and parents! Some of the children dressed up as their favourite book character and in the assembly all the classes performed something. It's been an exciting week with lots of reading. Let's not forget that “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

Assembly on 11th February

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On 11th February the Nursery and Reception classes entertained us with a song and dance. They performed the ‘Hokey Cokey’, putting their left and right legs and hands in and out. They were great!
From the youngest members of the school we turned to the oldest members and watched Year 6 perform yet another play. This one was entitled ‘The Little Red Hen’. None of the farm animals would help her to make the flour and bread, so in the end none of them got to eat the bread either!
Amongst our certificate winners was a surprise winner: Mr. Robinson. Year 6 agreed that he has been doing a great job and wanted to show their appreciation. Well done!

Assembly on 4th February

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On 4th February we watched Year 3 perform. They have been learning about how the Romans conquered Anglo-Saxon Britain. They also sang an old song and danced. They really have been busy.
Next came Year 6 with more of their plays. This time we were treated to the story of ‘Rumpelstiltskin’, a tale of how a miller’s daughter was made to spin straw into gold (with a little help from a strange man), married the King and then had to give the little man his payment. ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’followed. The troll looked very fierce!
Years 3 and 4 then performed in Arabic.
And finally we had certificates to award to some children. This was a very busy assembly!

Back to school!

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It's good to be back. We can renew old friendships and find new friends too.


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A day to celebrate our differences and similarities. A day to remember that we all have to show tolerance and understanding towards others. A day to have fun learning about people and their cultures all over the world!

Year 6 hosts the assembly.

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Year 6 have been learning about Ancient Greece and decided to perform for us a Reader's Theatre. We heard two stories; one was about Pandora's box and the dangers of being too inquisitive, and the other was about Theseus and how he killed the Minotaur and made his way out of the labyrinth safely. Who knows what happened when he sailed back to Athens?
Year 6 did a great job. Well done!
We also had certificates to give to children who have been doing some good things. Congratulations to them all.

Year 5 hosts the assembly

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Year 5 have been finding out about the importance of water and the problems of pollution. they found out that it takes 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose. They decided to remind everyone that even a simple act, like using refillable bottles, can help reduce the waste and improve the environment. They made their own play and acted it out for the school. Let's all take their advice and use refillable bottles!
Congratulations to the children who received cetificates.

Year 2 hosts the assembly.

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Year 2 told us all about the things and people that they love at school. It's good to know that the school is so popular.
Certificates were given to those children who are showing their worth. Well done!

Year 1 hosts the assembly

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Year 1 pupils hosted the assembly and did a great job singing about doing things together and that when we do things together we are happier. That is so true! It’s always lovely when someone volunteers to show us a talent they have and we had a pleasant surprise when Suhaib from Year 6 volunteered to play his recorder for us. Despite being nervous he played two beautiful tunes. Well done!

Year 4 hosts the assembly

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Year 4 seems to have a wonderful group of actors. When they hosted the assembly they performed an excerpt form the famous book by Roald Dahl, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. They enjoyed performing as much as we enjoyed watching them.
Our stage was once again filled with award winners. It is encouraging to hear the reasons for the awards. These are not given only for academic ability but also for being polite, well-behaved and respectful. Congratulations to everyone.

Year 3 hosts the assembly

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On 3rd December Year 3 took over the assembly and performed for us all singing a song. We, of course, had our certificates too. Congratulations to all!

The final assembly of the term

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Our final assembly of the term and 2015 took place on 10th December and all the classes joined in. The first performers were the youngest members of the school, reminding us to pick up our litter. Next came Year 2 with some acrobatics. Then came Year 1. They dressed up as Christmas trees and sang a song. We then moved to the upper part of the school and Year 6. They sang ‘We Are The World’.
‘We are the World, We are the children,
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving.’
They could give Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and crowd a run for their money! They sounded so professional! Year 4 performed and sang about waving your flag. They chose flags from all around the world to show us exactly what they meant. Year 3 sang another song beautifully. Year 5 ended the show by singing about all the things that they did not want for presents!
We then found out which house team had collected the most points this term and won the cup. It was ……….RED TEAM! Congratulations to everyone in Red Team. You all did a great job. Finally we had our certificate winners for the week. Well done everybody.

Back after the holiday.

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Compromise. The online dictionary defines this as 'a settlement of differences by mutual concessions; an agreement reached by adjustment of conflicting or opposing claims, principles, etc., by reciprocal modification of demands.' It is something we must all learn to do. It is important in all our relationships, between friends, family, colleagues, nations. In our first assembly of the year, Years 5 and 6 acted out some situations which have often been seen in school (arguing over toys) and then all the children of the school discussed how they could make things better by compromising. Can we remember to compromise when it is needed? It would make our lives so much better.

Assembly on 21st January

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While the French teacher has been absent Year 5 has been learning Greek and decided to show the school what they have learnt by singing the Greek alphabet and another song. They did well!
Year 6 has been busy writing plays and over the next few weeks will perform them all. It is not easy to write a play as you have to write not only the dialogue but also stage directions. The first plays performed were 'Stone Soup' and 'The Lion and the Mouse'.
At the end of the assembly we had our certificate winners. Congratulations!

Assembly on 28th January

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Year 6 continued to entertain us with their plays and acting. This time we had the pleasure of watching 'The Goose that Laid the Golden Egg', which teaches us to be grateful for what we have, and 'The Little Red Hen', which teaches us that we should all work together if we want rewards. Year 2 then performed in Arabic and of course we had our certificate winners. They are earning their certificates for all sorts of things like good behaviour, working hard and being friendly as well as sports skills such as team work and good goalkeeping. This just shows that there is a chance for everybody to earn a certificate!