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Farewell Year 6

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The end of the year always brings some goodbyes and, of course, our main goodbye is to the Year 6 children. For some this is the only school they have known, others have been here less time but the feelings are the same; sadness at saying goodbye but pride in seeing them all move on. Each person spoke to the school and parents about their time at school and some of their experiences and the rest of the school sang a farewell song to them. So farewell Year 6. Good luck in the next phase of your life!

Last assembly 20th June

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The last assembly of the year was a time for poetry. Year 3 read some humorous poetry and Year 6 also performed. The whole school was waiting to find out which team had won the cup for the term. Who had the most merit points? ....... It was YELLOW! Congratulations to all in yellow team for earning all those points. Well done to the rest of the school for giving them some competition. As always, we had certificates for individuals who have done something worthy.

Assembly 15th June

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The Arabic Deparrtment took over the assembly this week. The Year 3 sang a lovely song and the Years 4, 5 and 6 sang two songs. It was beautiful. We then had certificates for some of our children. Well done!

Science Fair

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A day that we all look forward to is the day of the Science Fair and this year was no exception. There were lots of displays with the children explaining what they were doing or had done. We learnt about where animals live from the Nursery and Reception children; Years 1 and 2 showed us a variety of projects including showing us the water cycle and sorting things into natural and man-made articles; Year 3 showed us the perfect parachute and how friction affects the speed at which things travel; Year 4 made an orchestra of instruments and explained that vibrations create sound; Year 5 showed us how to blow up a balloon without blowing into it and Year 6 showed us how to make a tornado in a bottle, told us about surface tension n water and a number of other things. It was a very busy time with lots of interesting activities. These young scientists did a great job!

Assembly 8th June

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The youngest members of our school entertained us with songs showing us how they can count .......... backwards! They sang about aliens, frogs and buns! We all enjoyed watching and listening to them. Next we had two children from Year 3 reading us a report. Two boys from Year 6 then sang a song about friendship. Of course our certificate winners had big smiles on their faces. Well done, everyone.

Assembly 1st June

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Year 3 were the hosts of this assembly and performed a 'typical' day in their class. It looked like fun!
Next Year 6 continued with their own play writing and gave us a new version of 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Well done to the play writer and also the performers.
Of course, we cannot have an assembly without certificate winners.
We had a welcome guest at this assembly. She is a doctor in the children's cancer ward and she was presented with the money that BSB has collected from the bake sales. This money will go to help families who are having such a difficult time. Thank you everyone for your support.

Bake Sale 25th May

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The Year 6 girls arranged another Bake Sale. Once again, it was a great success! Thanks to everyone involved. The children in the cancer ward of the hospital will enjoy the benefits of this effort.

Assembly 25th May

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This assembly was full of a variety of things. It started with Years 1 and 2 telling us, and showing us, about their own individual talents. They also reminded us that we all have a talent of some sort and that we should pursue it.
Year 4 was on stage next with a play about the Ancient Egyptians and how the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered.
Certificates were awarded as usual, but then we had extra certificates for the children who had a perfect attendance at the rehearsals for 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin'.
We had one more announcement to make and that came from the girls of Year 6. They had arranged another Bake Sale and had made over 400 dinars! That, plus the money made at the last Bake Sale will be donated to the Children's Cancer ward. Many thanks to the girls for organising this and to everyone who helped by making and buying all the baked goods.

Assembly 16th March 2017

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Year 6 have been making changes to traditional stories and performed one of the stories. This was a modern 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Some Year 3 girls had something to report and then we had a large number of certificates to give. Well done everyone!

Assembly 9th March 2017

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Our assembly, this time, was held in the Library due to work being done in the hall. It made things different and rather cozy. Year 4 were the hosts and they told us about World War II and some of the important figures at that time. They also sang a song, which was popular then.
In celebration of International Woman's Day, some boys from Year 6 wrote in praise of their own mothers and the many things they do.
After the success of Book Week, there were prizes to be given. Children were awarded books for the best Extreme Reading photographs.
To finish off the assembly, we had our usual certificate winners! It was a busy week!

The Pied Piper of Hamelin

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The British School of Benghazi was proud to perform 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' to family and friends on two evenings last week. The story of the plague of rats, which over-ran the town of Hamelin, is well-known. The Pied Piper came to town, played his flute and lead the rats into the river, where they drowned. When he went to the town council to receive the agreed payment, the council, thinking that as the rats were gone they were safe, refused to pay him. The Piper, though, played another tune and lead all the town's children into the mountain, never to be seen again - all except one poor, lame boy, who remained as a reminder that we must all pay our dues!
Children from both Juniors and Infants took part and had spent many hours practising learning lines, songs and actions. They were both nervous and excited when the time came to perform and they all did very well. Congratulations to all!

Sports Day

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Sports Day is always a favourite with both staff and children. This year was no exception. The day started with clouds and a little rain but nothing could dampen our spirits and later the sun came out and we had a glorious day! There were three parts to this year's Sports Day: the first was the 'Round Robin' , where all the children go around and take part in all the activities. The more goals they score, the more bean-bags put in the hoop, the more people who finish the jumping or skipping, the more points scored for their house team. The second part of the day was the races. All the children race against other members of their own class, just for the fun of it. We'll find out who won later. The third part was again in house teams and there were 3 games: Big Foot, Get the hoop around the circle and Pass the Water. A great time was had by all and everyone went home with a smile.

Assembly 23rd February

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It is always a pleasure to watch our youngest members of school perform and this day was no exception. the Nursery and Reception children acted out a story about some animals which wanted to cross a river in a boat. The animals were each told what they should not do while in the boat -- and they remembered for a short time. However when they all started to move around they all fell in the river!
Of course we had more certificate winners. They have good reason to smile!

Bake Sale!

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Some of the girls in Year 6 organised a Bake Sale to raise money for a good cause. The children from Year 6, and some from other classes, brought in baked goods, savoury and sweet and sold them all. We all enjoyed the treats made with the help of their parents and we thank them all very much.

Book week

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Book Week, or Reading Week, is always an exciting time of year. As well as reading a little more, we get to do different things all to do with books and reading. This year we continued to do some favourite activities, such as Pyjama Day, but we also went 'Fishing for a Story.' We had quiet reading during the week and for a few days we had 'Buddy reading' when the older members of the school read stories to the younger members. Everyone enjoyed that! Some children took a traditional story and changed it while others designed their own book covers. Extreme reading photos were taken and a winner was found for each class. Near the end of the week we had house Quizes with both the Infants and the Juniors taking part. It was a busy week but it was fun. Of course this doesn't mean that we stop reading!

Assembly 9th February 2017

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On 9th February Year 5 hosted the assembly and told us about some famous people who lived during the Tudor times. As they asked us themselves, what would we do without tomatoes, potatoes or ...chocolate? All these things were brought back to Europe all those years ago.
It is lovely to see the smiling faces of all our certificate winners. Congratulations to all!

Assembly 2nd February 207

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Year 3 hosted the assembly this week and told us about the beginnings of our universe.
More certificate winners were awarded this week. Keep it up, children!

Assembly 26th Jan 2017

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This week we were treated to a different kind of assembly. Mrs. Peedell hosted the assembly and brought some volunteers onto the stage to help her. She retold a story with a good lesson to learn about a country where all the people expected the King to sort out all their problems.
Once again we had a number of certificate winners. Well done everyone!

Assembly 19th Jan 2017

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As always, Year 6 came to our rescue at the beginning of the new term and hosted the first assembly of 2017. In recognition and celebration of Martin Luther King Day, they acted a small sketch to remind us of the importance of tolerance of others.
Even at the beginning of term, good things are happening and we had certificate winners. Let's see who else can win one during the next few months!

back to school

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Another year has started and on the first day we saw many old faces as well as quite a lot of new ones. Welcome to everyone! Here's to a great year!

Assembly 29th September

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Our first assembly was to find our house teams and get to know our team mates. Of course, the year started with children earning certificates. Well done!

Assembly 13th October

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Year 6 hosted the assembly and entertained us with a beautiful song. We then saw how many children are doing good things in school and earning certificates and awards.

Assembly 20th October

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On 20th October Year 3 hosted our assembly and read a play about ‘The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids’. They did very well. Of course we had more certificate winners. It is great to see so many children doing well in school.

UN Day

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United Nations was celebrated on 24th October and the whole school joined in to 'plant' their leaf-hands on our Peace Tree. Each hand had an idea for what WE can do to help bring peace to the world. On 27th October our assembly was a continuation of this theme with all the school taking part. Some classes sang, others acted and Year 6 told us a little about the Rights of Children as laid out by the international organisation UNICEF.