UN Week

During UN Week there were a number of activities. We started the week with a Food Sale. Each class had chosen a country and made or brought food, representing that country. We had pizza from Italy, koeksisters from South Africa, apple pie from Great Britain and many other things. We thank everyone who made or bought all the food. All the proceeds are going to charity and we made over 700 LD. It was a great way to start the week. the next day, we 'Travelled Around The World'. Each child had a passport and visited each class to visit a country and take part in an activity. They visited India, the UAE, the Philippines, Palestine, Great Britain, Italy, Brazil and South Africa. What a journey! We are all concerned with the environment and this year, Years One to Six looked into the problems that our chosen country faces. All the children wrote a speech about these problems and the three best were chosen. Mr Walid and Miss Liz, from BES, were invited to listen to the speeches and judge them. We thank them for taking the time to join us. Our UN assembly will take place next week.