The final assembly of the term

Our final assembly of the term and 2015 took place on 10th December and all the classes joined in. The first performers were the youngest members of the school, reminding us to pick up our litter. Next came Year 2 with some acrobatics. Then came Year 1. They dressed up as Christmas trees and sang a song. We then moved to the upper part of the school and Year 6. They sang ‘We Are The World’.
‘We are the World, We are the children,
We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving.’
They could give Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie and crowd a run for their money! They sounded so professional! Year 4 performed and sang about waving your flag. They chose flags from all around the world to show us exactly what they meant. Year 3 sang another song beautifully. Year 5 ended the show by singing about all the things that they did not want for presents!
We then found out which house team had collected the most points this term and won the cup. It was ……….RED TEAM! Congratulations to everyone in Red Team. You all did a great job. Finally we had our certificate winners for the week. Well done everybody.