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Look at all the things we do during the year.

10th October: ice cream and assembly

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We had our first ice-cream day today. Unfortunately it was also the first day of rain, but that didn't stop us! Ice cream tastes good no matter what the weather. We made 188 LD and that will be kept and added to throughout the year, to be given to someone in need at the end of the school year.
Assembly was hosted by Year 3, who told us about eating healthy and unhealthy food. The healthy food won the 'fight' although they did say that sometimes we can treat ourselves to unhealthy food. Every week there are certificate winners and this week was no exception. Well done everyone!

Assembly 3rd October

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The Reception class hosted the assembly this week. They sang us a number of songs to entertain us. Our certificate winners all have been doing great things in the class. Keep up the good work everyone!

Assembly 26th September

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Year 1 took over the assembly this week with a song to wake us all up! Certificate winners were happy to be standing on the stage. We look forward to seeing many more in the weeks and months to come.

Assembly 19th September

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Year 5 started off our assemblies with a song about the beginning of the year and all the things we need to be ready for it. There were just 2 certificates awarded to welcome some new children to the school.

First day back!

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Our first day was delayed a little but we opened on 15th September. Many parents stayed to meet the teachers and see their children start the new year. Welcome everyone.