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Assembly 14th February

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In this assembly, Years 1, 2 and 3 recited and sang in Arabic. They were impressive! We had many certificate winners this week. Some had for their efforts in the IT lesson and some for French as well as others for their work in class. Whatever the reason, well done!

Assembly 7th February

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Most of us have heard some things about the trip to Greece, but this week The children of Year 6, who were on the trip, gave us their stories and impressions. They certainly had lots to say about it! Our certificate winners are always a pleasure to see.

Assembly 31st January

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The girls of Year 5 sang a song in Arabic for this assembly. We had many certificate winners. Congratulations to all!

Assembly 24th January

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Year 4 hosted this assembly and, as they have been learning about Vikings in their History lesson, started with a little quiz to check how much we all knew about the Vikings. Then they sang a song and performed a dance. Of course we had many certificate winners.

Assembly 17th January

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Year 5 reminded us how important it is to have and be a friend. They also sang a song about it. Each week we have some amazing children doing great things. Keep up the good work!

Year 6 in Greece! Day 5, 11th December

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Next we travelled to Athens where we spent some time walking around the Acropolis. We then went to visit the Libyan School in Athens and were given a warm welcome there. Our last afternoon was spent at The Mall shopping! We all had a great time, learnt many new things, saw some amazing ancient artifacts and saw some stunning views! It was a fantastic experience for all of us.

Year 6 in Greece! Day 4, 10th December

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Our next stop was in Delphi, where, in Ancient times, people visited the oracle to ask her questions in the hope that she would give them a meaningful answer. We visited the biggest aluminium factory in Europe and were given a tour of the site.

Year 6 in Greece! Day 3, 9th December

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We then made our way to Ancient Olympia, where we learnt about the Ancient Games and some of us actually ran races in the stadium!

Year 6 in Greece! Day 2, 8th December

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We visited a pottery studio and then travelled south to Messini and afterwards went to see an olive press and learn about how the olives are turned into oil. We smelt and tasted the olive oil produced in the factory.

Year 6 in Greece! Day 1, 6th and 7th December

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At the end of the first term, some of the Year 6 children joined others from BES on an exciting journey to Greece. Our first stop was the Corinth Canal on our way to Mycenae.

Assembly 10th January

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Our first assembly of the new year and the new term was a different one. None of the classes were hosts but we welcomed a representative from the Toyota company. He told us about a competition for children to draw their dream car. We are hoping for some inspirational creations! Even during the first week our children are doing great things and being awarded with certificates. Well done!

Last week of Term 1

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Our last week of term was busy! We held House Quizzes for the Juniors and Infants and the contestants did very well. Our Winter Concert was held on the last day with all classes performing. There were songs and plays. All the children and the parents who came to support and watch enjoyed the performances.

Assembly 29th November

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Our hosts this week were the youngest members of our school and they entertained us with some songs. It was delightful! Year 4 has been busy writing plays and they performed 2 which had been written by class members. They did very well. Of course, as always, there are certificate winners. Congratulations to everyone.

Assembly 22nd November

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This week we watched performances by both the Reception class and Year 2. Reception told us all about how good fruit and vegetables are for us and sang a song reminding us to eat our '5 a day'. Next came Year 2, who performed a play about a Princess who couldn't laugh. Different people tried to make her laugh (and win her hand) but in the end she found someone, who wasn't even trying to make her laugh but did, married him and lived happily ever after, laughing.

Bake Sale and assembly

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The Year 6 students organised a bake sale this week. That is always very popular and this one was no exception! Many different cakes and savouries went on sale and didn't last long.
Year 1 sang in the assembly about waking up and getting ready for the day. Of course there were certificate winners. At the end of the assembly two girls from Year 6 announced how much money had been raised. It was 506 LD! It brings our total to 911LD. We thank Year 6 for organising the successful bake sale and the many parents who contributed to it. One special person should be mentioned. One of our Year 4 girls brought in her piggy-bank and contributed all its contents to the charity. That was a beautiful gesture and we thank her VERY much. We really do have some special children in our school.

Assembly 8th November

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Year 3 hosted our assembly this week. They sang about a woman who swallowed a fly.... and many other animals! Then they sang about success; something we all want. There are many successful children in our school. We see this every week when they are awarded certificates. Well done, everyone. Keep up the good work!

1st November assembly

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This week's assembly was hosted by Years 4, 5 and 6 in Arabic. They sang songs and told us some things about grammar. We had many certificate winners as well. We have collected clothes, toys and school supplies for children less well off than us. Thank you to all the parents and children who contributed. It will all be greatly appreciated.


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Nursery class was learning about shapes and colours this week. They were sponge painting. It looks fun!

UN Week 21st - 25th October

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We have all been busy this week. Our theme was 'A Peaceful Heart Creates a Peaceful World.' The Infants cut out and coloured doves, a symbol of peace. The Juniors were given situations in which there was a disagreement and they had to find a peaceful solution and act it out. We are trying to continue this through the days to come. Each child wrote or drew what peace meant to them. The Infants divided a selection of pictures into peace or conflict sides, and the Juniors wrote an acrostic poem about Peace. Our assembly was a mixture of presentations, videos and songs. We all enjoyed it all. Many thanks go to Mr. Mohamed for organising the week. We should all try to find peaceful solutions to our problems! The world would be a better place if we could.

11th October

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Another ice cream day! We enjoy these days and it is always good to know that we are helping children less fortunate than ourselves. so far we have raised 317 LD. This week's assembly held a little surprise as no class hosted it; the teachers did! They read a play about someone who stole all the stories that people were telling and put them all into a machine. As always there were certificate winners. Well done everyone.

The week of 30th September until 4th October

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This week has been very busy with something happening every day. Miss Nafeesah organised a Sports Tournament during some of the breaks with basketball, skipping, hockey and relay races. Even the Infants had their own relay races. Both participants and spectators had great fun! We had another ice cream day. Everyone loves that! Our assembly this week was hosted by Year 4, who showed us that they are becoming multi-lingual! They performed 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' using some of the French they have learnt in class. Oh, la la! We always have certificate winners who have done something to make their teachers proud. This week we also had rosettes to give to the winners of the Tournament. We really have been busy this week!

27th September: Ice cream day and assembly

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We had our first ice cream day of the year, and, as always, it was a great success. Remember that all the proceeds will go to children who are in need. This time we made 155LD. We will be having more such days and other events to raise more money. Assembly was hosted this week by Year 6, who read 2 plays to us. Who ever wondered what happened after the Princess kissed the frog? We had a number of happy children, who were awarded certificates. Keep up the good work!

Our second week

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During our second week of school, the Nursery and Reception classes made their own playdough! They loved it. We also held our first assembly. It is the beginning of the year and we have hopes for how the year will progress. Year 5, our hosts, told us about some of their hopes for the year and then sang a song about having 'High hopes'. Let's hope they all come about.

The first week back.

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We are back again at school, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. This week was also Roald Dahl's Day and so we recognised this with peaches to remind us of his book 'James and the Giant Peach'.