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11th October

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Another ice cream day! We enjoy these days and it is always good to know that we are helping children less fortunate than ourselves. so far we have raised 317 LD. This week's assembly held a little surprise as no class hosted it; the teachers did! They read a play about someone who stole all the stories that people were telling and put them all into a machine. As always there were certificate winners. Well done everyone.

The week of 30th September until 4th October

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This week has been very busy with something happening every day. Miss Nafeesah organised a Sports Tournament during some of the breaks with basketball, skipping, hockey and relay races. Even the Infants had their own relay races. Both participants and spectators had great fun! We had another ice cream day. Everyone loves that! Our assembly this week was hosted by Year 4, who showed us that they are becoming multi-lingual! They performed 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' using some of the French they have learnt in class. Oh, la la! We always have certificate winners who have done something to make their teachers proud. This week we also had rosettes to give to the winners of the Tournament. We really have been busy this week!

27th September: Ice cream day and assembly

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We had our first ice cream day of the year, and, as always, it was a great success. Remember that all the proceeds will go to children who are in need. This time we made 155LD. We will be having more such days and other events to raise more money. Assembly was hosted this week by Year 6, who read 2 plays to us. Who ever wondered what happened after the Princess kissed the frog? We had a number of happy children, who were awarded certificates. Keep up the good work!

Our second week

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During our second week of school, the Nursery and Reception classes made their own playdough! They loved it. We also held our first assembly. It is the beginning of the year and we have hopes for how the year will progress. Year 5, our hosts, told us about some of their hopes for the year and then sang a song about having 'High hopes'. Let's hope they all come about.

The first week back.

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We are back again at school, meeting up with old friends and making new ones. This week was also Roald Dahl's Day and so we recognised this with peaches to remind us of his book 'James and the Giant Peach'.