Our School



We offer 

  • a warm, caring environment in order to help our students enjoy and benefit from all they do at school.

We aim

  •  for all our students to develop as individuals, yet be responsive to and tolerant of the needs of others.

We endeavor 

  • to provide a lively and stimulating environment in which effective learning can take place and a sense of curiosity be encouraged.    

We promote

  • the development of the whole child and encourage him/her to realise his/her full potential.

We encourage 

  •   children to explore their own attitudes and beliefs and to see these in the context of their varied environments.   

We emphasize 

  • personal and social responsibilities throughout the school and children are encouraged to have an understanding of why these responsibilities are important. This brings breadth and balance to the curriculum and promotes personal qualities such as independence of mind, respect for the truth, persistence, flexibility and imagination. It also contributes to a happy school environment.

Our  multicultural, international character is very important to us. Other cultures are explored and investigated to enrich our students’ education. 

While the language of instruction is English in the core and foundation subjects, Arabic and French are also offered as additional languages. A range of other languages can be studied, together with musical instruments, and various activities undertaken, sporting and other, after school and at the weekends. 

At British School Benghazi  multicultural, personal and social education are firmly interlinked and play a vital role in all that we do.